I’m John Seymour and I’m a Part-time Student and Full-time Legal Assistant.

I originally started JohnSeymourblog.com to brand myself professionally as a network marketer – see select older posts in the blog section – but now I help students and professionals to live and work smarter, more efficiently and have more time for themselves. I do this by giving you my thoughts and ideas on how to use the latest technology for work, studying and home use.

You will also learn how I use the internet to make money, and how I am learning to budget that money. I have been terrible with money up till now, so it will be fun to have others along for my financial journey!

Finally, I will be using JohnSeymourblog.com to keep you up to date on my own, my professional and my student life!

More interesting stuff about me, and a couple fun videos…

Your New Career Is Closer Than You Think | Robertson College 2017 Campaign

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United Way Speaking Engagement | John Seymour | October 7, 2011

Local relishes chance to dance with Britney | Winnipeg Metro, Crystal Laderas | August 10, 2011

Tec Voc students rally in support of teacher | Canstar Community News, Matt Preprost | July 27, 2011

Acting class brings teen writer out of shell | Winnipeg Free Press, Alana Cole | December 15, 2008

Less Than Kind, HBO Canada – this video was from when I used to do a lot of television and movie extra work as a teenager. Jessika and I were always selected to be the kissing couple on this, and one other tv show (Todd & the Book of Pure Evil, Space). In the above video, we were filming late overnight at Technical Vocational High School and were selected to be the featured kissing couple – Angela and Kevin.

CBC, Dancing with Britney (HMV Contest) – This video was taken when I was 18 years old, and I had won a trip to Toronto to see Britney Spears live. It was such a fun trip and I would definitely do this again! PS: This is NOT my favorite video… As you can tell, I have no rhythm.

My other projects

EduFunding.ca – The concept for EduFunding.ca began with my own educational journey. I didn’t have the funds necessary to go to school and didn’t know how to find funding – it took a lot of trial and error, and scouring of the internet. From this experience, I realized that one of the reasons I didn’t look into my options for school was because I had no idea how to obtain funding. Thus, EduFunding.ca was born.

Beginning in 2018, EduFunding.ca will help to make educational funding more accessible for all Canadians – check back soon!

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