Four Blog Posts Every Entrepreneur Must Have

Are you struggling with what kind of blog posts to put up?

Today I’m going to show you the four blog posts that every Entrepreneur MUST HAVE if (and when) they run a blog!

Now there are two types of blogs you can run, either a “Product Blog” which promotes your companies products directly, or like mine a “Training Blog” where you can apply the concept of Attraction Marketing.

I haven’t done every single one of these posts on this blog yet but I am getting there so bare with me! I typically do #4 posts on this site!

#1: Personal Product Testimonial

In a “personal product testimonial” blog post, you want to share your personal experiences with your companies products. Whether it be good or bad… (should be good if you’re promoting it!), you’ll want to make a post so that people can see how it’s personally helped you in your life.

What problems has your products solved for you? Did you lose weight? Get rid of your acne? No more wrinkles?

For example, I’m in a skin care company and it’s helped me to clear up my face. I used to have really bad acne but now my face is clear! I still get the occasional pimples but it’s better than having a face full of them!

#2: Personal Lifestyle Testimonial

In this kind of blog post, you want to share the kind of lifestyle your company has helped you to achieve. If you haven’t achieved the kind of lifestyle you want yet, make a post about the kind of lifestyle you WILL achieve with you company!

For example, I’m on my way to quitting my job this year because of my company. Once I’ve retired from my job (at 21 years old), I plan on going on vacation 12 times a year.

My first vacation?

I’ll be on my way to Las Vegas to experience the lavish lifestyle of a top end hotel room at MGM Grand. I’ll stay in one of their hotel rooms with multiple rooms in it…just because. And I’ll get VIP treatment at the ‘Britney Spears: Piece of Me’ show where my girlfriend Jessika and I will meet Britney Spears! (and yes, I’m a guy who LOVES Britney and I’m NOT ashamed of it)

#3: Top Leader or 3rd Party Testimonial

In a 3rd party blog post, things can get a little more fun here! You would bring a mentor or top leader from your company onto your blog, and have them show the results they’ve achieved through your company.

You can interview them on camera, through audio or in a blog. You can even have them guest post on your blog! This is your chance to show people your not alone in what your doing and success is possible with your company!

I personally chose to have my sponsor do a guest post for me (and I cannot wait!!). She’s achieved so much within my company and I look up to her so I thought she would be perfect to help me out with this. It helps me out and it also gets her exposure to her site so it’s a win-win for both!

#4: Educational Post

An educational post is exactly what I’m doing right now. It’s all about providing value to your targeted niche so they grow to like and trust you. This is exactly in line with attraction marketing and what you’ll be doing with a blog.

An educational post is going to help establish you as an expert in your niche online and if it’s valuable, people will love it, like it and share it! This includes posts about personal development, teaching and things you’ve learned recently.

Don’t Always Be Serious!

Sometimes the people your connecting with just want to see something fun from you! They don’t always want to have serious post after serious post! It’s okay to show people who YOU ARE! Let them know what your doing but just keep it relevant!

Enjoy that post? Then I’d LOVE to hear from you, please comment and share below! 🙂