Goals Aren’t Enough – Why You Need a Vision!

The body is very important, but the mind is more important than the body.” 
– Arnold Schwarzenegger

In today’s post, I want to share with you the power of having a vision. You honestly NEED a vision if you plan on being successful in any endeavor in life. Simply having goals is not enough. If you cannot connect those goals to a VISION, you will not accomplish it.

You’ve probably got a few goals and now it’s time to turn it up a notch and add your vision to it. You NEED to be able to see how you’re going to accomplish it in your mind. You need to see it in the third person, and also be able to see it through your own eyes. Watch today’s video below on how Arnold Schwarzenegger used a vision to achieve all his goals in life.

Let’s Create Your Vision

What do you want?

  • A new car?
  • New home?
  • Time freedom?
  • More time with the family?
  • To speak on stage and inspire people?

What I’ve listed off is a bunch of generic goals people tend to have. “I’d like a nice car” or “I need more time freedom” but the goals generally stop there. A vision is never attached and these goals are never achieved. So how do you attach a vision?

Well what do you see in your mind?
(Arnold Schwarzenegger goes deeper on this in today’s video)

  •  If you want a new car, where’s the first place you will drive it? Who will see you in the new car and how will they react?
  • If it’s a new home, what EXACTLY will it look like? How many rooms, bathrooms? Walk-in closets? How many levels? What kind of kitchen will it have? Pool, backyard? What will you do in the backyard?
  • If you quit your job….how are you going to spend your days? What will you do to fill in the time that’s now opened up?
  • If you want to speak, what story will you tell that inspires people? What are people going to say to you to thank you? What will it feel like walking on stage? How bright will the lights be?

Once you start getting deep into what your vision will look like and will be, then you will achieve what you desire. And remember it’s okay to be a little selfish here, because for you to achieve your vision, helping others will come naturally.

In the video below, Arnold Schwarzenegger goes deep into how he hit his major achievements through his personal vision.

I hope you got some value out of that! If you did, I’d love to hear from you below and if you could kindly share! 🙂