The Importance of a Vision Board

Earlier this year, I created a vision board for myself and I am on my way to reaching my goals. A vision board is a little different from setting goals.

With goals, you can just go ahead and forget about them the next day, but when you’ve got a vision board in front of you. You can’t help but see it everyday and remember where your headed!

Like most people, I never really was good at creating goals so when 2014 came, I decided I really wanted to hit my dreams. So I created a vision board for myself. So far I’ve gotten a new watch (my vision board has a Rolex but I still have a pretty good one!) after putting it on my vision board.

In the video below, I’m gonna explain to you what I’ve got on my vision board and hopefully it pushes you to realize why it’s so important to have one!

I hope you got some value out of that! It’s not too late in the year to make your vision board for 2014!

Image courtesy of kromkrathog / FreeDigitalPhotos.net