How to Keep Blogging When You’re Out of Ideas

How To Keep Blogging When You're Out of Ideas

Ever have trouble coming up with blogging ideas? In today’s post, I’m gonna show you how you can keep blogging when you’re out of ideas.

I follow a simple formula to getting out new pieces of content daily. It’s exactly the reason I’m getting this post out now!

It’s called I.L.T. and I follow it every single day!

What is I.L.T.?

I.L.T. stands for Invest, Learn, Teach. This is exactly how blogging works in my opinion. You’ve got to invest in yourself so you can learn. And once you’ve learned something new, you teach it. (In your own words of course)  I choose to teach by blogging!

1. Invest

Of course for you to start this process off you’re going to need to invest in yourself. I started off my journey by purchasing a ton of products and taking a bunch of notes.

What I didn’t realize until one of my mentors told me this was my notes are checks waiting to be cashed! That was the wildest thing to me. He told me that I needed to cash in my notes by posting all this knowledge I knew onto a blog.

2. Learn

That’s exactly what you need to do! Get on every webinar, read a lot of books, get new training products and read a lot of blog posts! Take a ton of notes and cash them in! You’re gonna be learning a lot of stuff and it’s going to pay off.

What most people tend to do is take a lot of notes whether it be a webinar, an event or a training product and then they file it way for the future. But then they never really go back and read those notes.

I’m giving you permission to go read your notes!

3. Teach

This is the step where most people fail to take action. You take your notes, figure out how to make them into a blog post and teach it! All you need to do is take a very small portion of what you’ve learned and start blogging.

For example, I was in a coaching session that went on for over an hour and my mentor brought up the idea of I.L.T. He spent only a couple minutes on the idea and now I’m turning it into a blog post. I didn’t need to summarize the whole session, just a piece of it.

So as you can see, this is a very easy concept to grasp and it doesn’t take much time. Next time you’re having trouble with blogging ideas, think of this and try it out!

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