Lead Generation Tips With Vince Reed

Do you struggle with generating consistent mlm leads online?

Today we’ll be revealing lead generation tips by Vince Reed.

Who is Vince Reed?

Vince is a top leader in the Network Marketing industry. He is the founder of My Internet Traffic System (MITS).

Vince got his start in 2008 after getting slammed by the real estate industry. The day he found internet marketing is the day he left real estate.

After failing for the 1st 6 months in my first network marketing company, I quickly realized that there was something missing in my business that was the key factor in the success all of the 7 and 8 figure earners that I studied and learned from daily! So I stopped listening to what everyone else was saying and started doing what I saw only the top 1% doing. Almost overnight everything changed the question that I focused on was “Why Would A Person Want To Join Me?”

Source: Vince Reed – Top Internet Marketer Interview

Vince has generated over 500,000 leads online.

I have been following Vince for over the past year and have received a ton of value from him. I’m honoured to have worked together with him on today’s post.

Lead Generation Tips

Lead Generation Tips Vince Reed - John Seymour Blog

My name is Vince Reed and I have dedicated my life to the Internet and Lead Generation since 2008.  Blogging has been an integral part to my business and I want to share with you 2 key factors/strategies that I believe are necessary to running a successful blog – whether you’re a seasoned Vet or beginning blogger.

Factor #1: Consistency

I have been blogging about Traffic and Lead Generation since 2008.  Blogging is what I consider a long-term marketing strategy.  The more consistent you are with creating content, the more value your blog is going to provide. The more value your blog provides, the more digital real estate you’ll own which gives you a better chance at getting more eyeballs on your content.

You could write the greatest blog post of all time, but if you don’t have a way to get people to see it, what do you really have?

This leads me into factor #2: Traffic

Social media and search traffic marketing platforms are no longer old-fashioned.  Advance targeting, custom audiences, and retargeting pixels give you the ability to rapidly increase the traffic to your blog. Here’s an example of a strategy I use that you can implement and see an immediate increase in traffic to your blog.

First, you’re going to want to make sure you have an advertising account set up on Facebook.  Once that is created, you’re going to create a custom audience pixel to place on your blog website.

This custom audience pixel will capture any person that hits your blog site/reads a blog post and has a Facebook account.

Doing this allows you to run any type of ad for your business only to people who have hit your blog site… So next time you create a new blog post you can email it to your list, post it on social media, AND run an ad to the custom audience of people who have hit your site before!

This strategy has not only helped my blog posts reach 100,000+ people, but also has created a community of people that I know want to consume my information.

Like I said before, consistency is key no matter what you do… Build a custom audience of people who read your content and implement these key factors into your business… You’ll be surprised at how quickly you see a change in your results.

If you want more strategies and lead generation tips, register for my weekly traffic report webinar where I give you an inside look on exactly how I’m driving traffic on 4 main platforms. Register here: www.VinceReed.com/TrafficReport

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