Setting Up Your Facebook Profile

If your a home based business owner and you’re looking to do a little Facebook marketing. You’re really gonna need to know the basics of setting up your Facebook Profile.

There’s a TON of “marketers” on Facebook who are just doing it plain WRONG!!

  • They SPAM
  • They don’t build relationships
  • And they DO NOT have their Facebook Profile set up correctly!

Here’s how you can avoid that last crucial mistake.. (We’ll get to the rest later, don’t worry)

1. Profile Picture

Make sure YOU are in your Profile Picture… After all, it is called FACEbook, isn’t it?

Make it something fun. I had my profile pic so professional before, but I forgot that’s not why people are on Social Media for. People are looking to have fun, meet new people and build relationships.

So I changed it up, I added a pic of my girlfriend Jess and I. We took some selfies and I liked the shot so I put it up!

It was a lot more personal and made me look like a human being… Not just another marketer.

Super simple.

  • Make sure YOU are in the picture
  • Can be you and your significant other
  • Try not to put a huge group photo in there.. That’s for the cover photo

2. Cover Photo

This is where you can be a little more creative. Unlike your profile pic which is seen first on Facebook, people don’t see your cover photo until AFTER they check out your profile.

That pic right up there is the one that I used to use for my profile pic! Too professional in my opinion!

So now it’s in my cover… along with my name and my logo.

I allow my profile pic to show me more personally and my cover photo to show me in a more professional light. But some of you may not have a logo to put in your cover.

That’s okay!

Here’s some examples of things that go great for a cover photo:

  • Group Photo with your team. (Downline and/or upline)
  • A picture of you with a big time network marketer
  • A lifestyle photo, you on the beach or out having fun. Something that other people would want to be doing
  • A picture of a city or place you’d like to visit
  • Make sure it’s attractive

Also… Make sure you don’t have any company logos on your page… The point of this is to brand YOU, not your company!

3. Fill Out Your Profile

Setting Up Your Facebook Profile - About Section

Setting Up Your Facebook Profile – About Section

Now it’s time to start filling out your profile. This gives you the chance to show people who you are and what you like. It shows your a real human being with real interests.

Click the “Update Info” button that’s on your cover photo at the bottom left, and start filling everything out.

If you don’t want people to know certain things, then don’t fill out that part but fill up most of it.

Get this done ASAP!

4. Follow Button

Setting Up Your Facebook Profile - Follow Button

Setting Up Your Facebook Profile – Follow Button

Make sure your Follow button is on! The follow button is essential to your success on Facebook!

This will allow people who may not be ready to add you as a friend… BUT like what your posting, to just start following you!

This will help you get more engagement and more exposure on Facebook.

To turn on your Follow button, follow these steps. (Or watch the video at the end)

1. Click the little blue arrow at the top right hand of your screenSetting Up Your Facebook Profile - Arrow Button


2. Click ‘Settings’ on the drop down menu

3. Click ‘Followers’ on the left hand menu

4, The first option is ‘Who Can Follow Me’, set that to ‘Everybody’

Now you have your follow button active! 🙂

Now there’s a couple more things your going to want to do. It’s a little too many things to post all on this one blog so I put it into a short 2 minute video for you.

Watch the video below to get your account fully set up!

And that’s it!

Your all set up now!

I hope you got some value out of that! If you did, please share this with your team so they can get up and running on Facebook with you!

Also, click any of the pictures above to be taken straight to my Facebook page where we can connect more!